linyi lantu decoration material co., LTD

Linyi lantu decoration materials Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2010. There are marketing branch: shandong Guanhuang decoration material co., LTD. It is located in thelargest logistics city in China -- Linyi, Shandong, close to Beijing Shanghai Expressway andShenzhen Shenzhen Expressway, with convenient transportation.

Through more than 6 years of unremitting efforts, the model has been developed. our company mainly produce and ssale:laminated flooring,multlayered wood flooring,luxury vinyl flooring,wood decorative materials etc.The registered capital of the company is 1 million yuan, and the total value of the assets is about 30000000 yuan. The company's leading product is  laminated wood flooring, and the total output value is 80 million in 2017.

Professional team
Seven years of production experience to provide customers with better quality products and more considerate service
Personalized customization
Our company has a strong product design and development ability, variety, can be customized according to the requirements of the product
environmental protection
Lantu decoration efforts to create a green and healthy wooden floor navigation brand
Professional technology
To ensure the quality of products with technical strength and provide better wood flooring for industrial and household clothing
Quality assurance
Elaborately creating more durable and environmentally friendly high quality products for each user
Company news

Why does polymer w...

Polymer wood flooring in use for a period of time, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of shrinkage seam, which is why? In this regard, analysis of polymer wood flooring manufacturers, the main reasons for this phenomenon are: